Going from Good to Great in your Personal Finances

Jim Collins' blockbuster bestseller book, Good to Great, exemplifies going from getting Good results to getting Great results. Although his ideas have been applied to business success, the same principles apply to your personal finances. In this blog, I discuss the four core principles of going from Good to Great that can be applied to personal finances.

Discipline Yourself

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Should I use a Robo Advisor, Human Advisor, or Both?

A 2020 Vanguard survey of generations and investing showed that younger Americans (Gen Z and Millennials) are significantly around three quarters more interested in learning about investing than older generations.1 Millennials are twice as likely to use a robo-advisor for investments than baby boomers. Around the same amount would like to receive professional financial advice in the future. The research shows that even knowing younger generations want to use technology, they understand the importance of professional financial advice.

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Are you DIY-er? This one’s for you!

Are you a Do-It-Yourself (DIY)-er type of person? Maybe you are the one who sees something that needs to get done or fixed around your home or office and takes it on, or maybe you like doing things on your own in general.  It could be a much-needed bookshelf.  A computer program that needs tweaking.  Perhaps a car part needs to be put in. Your neighbor might like going to the gym, but you prefer working out on your own and trying different things.

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Why Not Give Virtual Financial Planning A Try?

Financial planners are here to help clients accomplish their financial goals. In the past, in- person visits with your financial planner made a lot of sense. But with advances in technology, it has become much easier to get connected virtually with financial planning professionals. I will outline four important benefits of working virtually with your financial planner.

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