Comprehensive Financial Planning

Chris Reddick Financial Planning (CRFP) provides Financial Planning advice for all personal finance areas in this service. We will cater the plan to your greatest needs as our client. In addition, CRFP will be your accountability partner by working together on your financial dreams so you can live your best life.

Our comprehensive financial plans cover all financial planning areas such as investments, retirement, tax planning, insurance, estate, employee benefits, employee equity, college funding, student loans, and much more. Plans typically run 30+ pages and provide a detailed account of your finances and roadmap to move forward. We use the most cutting-edge technology to cater to your financial plan to your needs. In addition, we can dynamically change the plan for different planning scenarios, such as early retirement or significant life events. Some areas of financial planning that are covered:

  • Retirement Readiness
  • Social Security Optimization (including GPO and WEP analysis)
  • Pension Plan Lump Sum or Annuity
  • Tax Planning
  • Investment and Portfolio Review
  • Insurance Review
  • Estate Planning Review
  • College Funding
  • Employee Equity (ISO, RSU, NSO, and ESPP)
  • Employee Equity Taxes and AMT
  • Student Loans Payoff Strategies
  • And much more...