The Traditional Approach

The traditional Assets Under Management (AUM) approach is outdated.

You pay high fees and typically don't get comprehensive financial planning. Get locked into long-term contracts. Get sold expensive products. Have high-cost, actively managed mutual funds, not transparent pricing.

The Old Approach Costs Much More: For example, 1 million of AUM at a 1% fee is $10,000 yearly in expenses.

Or $500,000 in AUM is $5,000—plus min account sizes before you can work with a financial planner.

Why pay more...our approach is different.

Our Approach

The New Approach: Flat fee-1 million AUM, and you pay only $1,500 with the monthly subscription plan. So your savings is $8,500 or $3,500 (for $500,000 AUM)!

Meet quarterly with a CFP®—the Gold standard for Financial Planning. Pay conveniently by the month.

No account minimums, no product sales, no long-term contracts, and low-cost index funds.

Get all the advice you need on all your finances, emphasizing investments, retirement planning, and tax planning.

Save Money, Get Results, and Make Better Financial Decisions! The Choice is Yours!

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