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Chris Reddick Financial Planning (CRFP) is a San Antonio based fee-only financial planning firm. We take an education values-based approach that encourages learning about your financial situation, inspiring you to take action, and working with you to achieve your financial goals. We move clients from feeling restricted and overwhelmed about their finances to feeling focused and empowered. We specialize in retirement planning, investment management, and financial planning especially for professionals in corporate, education, and public service careers. We are unique offering a subscription-based model where clients can pay monthly for financial planning. We serve clients locally in the San Antonio area and virtually nationwide.


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Understanding Flexible Savings Accounts or FSAs

by Chris Reddick on

What are FSAs?

In March 2019, 14 percent of private industry workers had access, and 37 percent of state and local government had access to Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA).1 Within the education and health care industry, 35 percent of workers in junior colleges, colleges, and universities had...

How to Create a Basic Financial Plan

by Chris Reddick on

Creating a financial plan may seem overwhelming to those that have never completed one, but taking the first steps to create a plan is much easier than you may think. Even if you plan on hiring a professional financial planner down the road, creating a rudimentary plan can go a long way towards...

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