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Chris Reddick Financial Planning (CRFP) is a San Antonio based fee-only financial planning firm. We take an education values-based approach that encourages learning about your financial situation, inspiring you to take action, and working with you to achieve your financial goals. We move clients from feeling restricted and overwhelmed about their finances to feeling focused and empowered. We specialize in retirement planning, investment management, and financial planning especially for professionals in corporate, education, and public service careers. We are unique offering a subscription-based model where clients can pay monthly for financial planning. We serve clients locally in the San Antonio area and virtually nationwide.


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The employee benefits for professionals in corporate careers can be generous. Increasingly, most large corporate employers' focus is to provide some level of financial wellness for their employees. Financial wellness is defined as the overall financial health of the individual.

Improved financial...

You can experience a variety of wealth events that lead to a financial windfall, including the sale of a business or real estate, an inheritance, lottery winnings, or a legal settlement. An increase in wealth, especially when unexpected, large, and/or sudden, requires thoughtful planning. This is a...

Pitfalls to Avoid For Teachers Retirement

by Chris Reddick on

Teachers should try to avoid three common pitfalls when it comes to their retirement. The good news is that there are easy solutions to fix these pitfalls.

Pension Benefit Payouts

Pension plan payouts for teachers vary depending upon the teacher's length of service, their earnings...

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