Financial planning is a collaborative process that helps maximize a client's potential for meeting life goals through financial advice that combines relevant parts of the client's personal and financial circumstances. Here are some illustrative case studies.*

Case Study 1: Diane Bower

Diane Bower has worked hard in her career and has made a decent income. She loves her job but is approaching retirement. Diane is wondering whether she has enough money for her retirement. She plans on working until age 65 but might retire earlier if she can manage it.

One plan that would work for Diane is the Basic or Kick Start Plan. This plan is designed to solve 1-2 problems for the client. The financial planner can look at what Diane has saved in this plan and determine how to reach her retirement goals.

Case Study 2: Marie and Hector Juarez

A young couple, Marie and Hector Juarez, are working professionals in corporate careers making a good living. They have two young girls. They have lots of concerns about making the right choices with their money.

They've asked a small sample of questions: How much should we save for our children's college education? Are we putting enough money away for retirement? We want to get a bigger home; how should we finance this? Do we have enough insurance coverage? Are we making the right investment choices? We tend to spend too much, can you help?

Marie and Hector would benefit from ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning. Clients pay monthly and work closely with the financial planner to achieve our Premium Subscription Plan goals. In addition, the financial planner acts as an accountability partner with Marie and Hector.

Case Study 3: Stephanie and Steve Smith

Steve Smith is a corporate executive, and Stephanie Smith is a high school teacher. Both clients are in their early 50s and increasingly concerned about retirement. They have been saving for retirement but are worried about having enough saved for retirement and want help learning how to save more. The Smiths have complex lives and need more guidance on their investments and finances to make the right choices.

The Smiths need step-by-step instructions on implementing the financial planner's recommendations. In addition, the Smiths would benefit from the Platinum Subscription Plan.

*These case studies are purely fictional and do not represent actual clients. They are primarily used for illustrative purposes of the services offered by CRFP.

Chris Reddick Financial Planning (CRFP) is different since we offer advice-only financial planning requiring no minimum assets under management. We can do this by providing a monthly subscription-based model where clients can pay their fees on a month-to-month basis. CRFP offers investment planning, retirement planning, tax planning, college funding, and student loan planning. Our approach is different since we use an educational values-based methodology. In this approach, we delve deep into your finances and use education to inspire meaningful and lasting change to achieve short-term and long-term goals. At each meeting, we have an agenda, and after the meeting, we have tasks to be completed for the next meeting. This way, we are each held accountable to achieve meaningful and lasting change together. Our approach is results-focused, and we are accountability partners.


As a fee-only and advice-only firm, we are compensated exclusively by the fee paid to us by you, our client. Therefore, there is no sales pitch, no commissions, and no products are sold.

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