College Planning and Student Loans

College Planning

For College Planning, Chris Reddick Financial Planning (CRFP) provides an examination of your planning stage for your children’s college needs. We will assess what you are qualified to receive in financial aid, the best colleges that fit your budget and work on savings plan options to fund college. Help with the selection of the best 529 college savings plan to meet your needs. There are three stages of college saving: early savers (when the child is young), mid savers (for early teens), and late-stage savers (for those entering into college or near the entry). There are college funding strategies for each of these stages.


Student Loans

For those who have Student Loans, CRFP will analyze your options for paying off your student loans.  We will do a cash flow analysis and provide recommendations for the best alternatives for repayment. Understand the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program and how to best use this program. There are tradeoffs for each repayment approach, and as a client, you need to know all of the relevant information to make an informed decision.


ABLE Accounts

For clients with children with disabilities or meeting the eligibility requirements themselves, CRFP can analyze ABLE account options. ABLE accounts are also known as a 529 ABLE or 529A account, is a state-run savings program for eligible people with disabilities. CRFP can analyze ABLE accounts and investment choices that are right for your unique situation.