Nonprofit Executives Options For Saving For Retirement

Crisis of Retirement Savings

Nonprofit executives pour their hearts into important causes such as providing food and shelter to the needy, counseling troubled veterans and staging live theater and music. But nonprofit organizations and executives often fall short taking care of themselves in saving for retirement.1 This is especially the case when working for smaller nonprofit organizations that may offer no retirement plan to its employees. These corporate executive then becomes responsible for saving for retirement on their own.

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How to Retire Early from Corporate Careers

For some, there is a dream of being able to retire early from their corporate career. You have worked hard, and have risen the ranks, taken on increased responsibility, earned more, and want to be able to have an off-ramp at the appropriate time. Perhaps you want to pursue another passion, a new career, spend more time with family, or simply travel abroad. To retire early, there are several important strategies to consider for those, especially in corporate careers.

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Higher Education Employees and Retirement Readiness

For those that work in higher education as a faculty member or staff, there is a real joy in helping students. But retirement for these hard-working higher education professionals will eventually come, and you want to be prepared. Higher education professionals are not in a rush to leave the workforce, according to a 2014 TIAA survey, with almost 2/3rds of faculty and staff plan to retire at age 65 and older, which is higher than the workforce in general.1

Affording Retirement

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Millennials Saving for Retirement

Millennials that work in state and local governments in Texas face a unique challenge. The pensions that previous generations of workers have received are being threatened with cutbacks. What are the options for these valuable workers to supplement their state and local pensions to save for a comfortable retirement?
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