As a Texas Teacher will I get Social Security?

It depends. There are two important laws that Texas teachers should know about that can impact whether you will receive Social Security.1

The Windfall Elimination Provision or WEP and the Government Pension Offset or GPO. Both of these laws can reduce or entirely eliminate a Social Security benefit. This will depend upon whether you as a teacher qualify for the Teachers Retirement System or TRS and did not pay into Social Security.

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Is San Antonio the Best Place Financially for Veterans to Retire?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that nearly 200,000 service members leave the military every year. For many of them, the transition back to civilian life can be difficult.1 For the more than 19 million veterans currently living in the United States, where you live can be essential to your access to healthcare, good employment, and a strong quality of life.

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Should I take a partial lump-sum option from TRS?


For educators and administrators enrolled in the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) of Texas, they have an option of the Partial Lump Sum Option (PLSO) upon separation from service. This blog post will discuss what this option is, and the benefits and drawbacks of taking a PLSO. 

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What to know about Target-Date Funds in Corporate Retirement Plans

What they are?

Target-date funds also referred to as life-cycle funds or age-based funds have become very popular in corporate retirement plans. Essentially, what you do is pick a fund, put as much as you can (and allowed) into the fund, then forget about it until you reach your retirement age. If you have a 401(k) plan, a target-date fund may be an easy way to get into a portfolio that will automatically rebalance based on your time until retirement.1

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