Understanding Flexible Savings Accounts or FSAs

What are FSAs?

In March 2019, 14 percent of private industry workers had access, and 37 percent of state and local government had access to Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA).1 Within the education and health care industry, 35 percent of workers in junior colleges, colleges, and universities had access to FSAs, 37 percent of elementary and secondary school workers, and 39 percent of hospital industry workers. The access to this important employee benefit is substantial, but most employees don't understand much about FSAs.

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USAA and HEB Employees Taking Charge of Your Personal Finances

One of the potential benefits of working in a large corporation is its employee benefits. Large corporations have the advantage of the size, which enables them to provide a range of low-cost benefits to their employees. If you work for these companies how are you positioning yourself to take advantage of these employee benefits? Two examples are San Antonio-based best employers USAA and H-E-B.

Top Honors

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