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Chris Reddick Financial Planning (CRFP) is a San Antonio-based fee-only financial planning firm. We take an education values-based approach that encourages learning about your financial situation, inspiring you to take action, and working with you to achieve your financial goals. We move clients from feeling restricted and overwhelmed about their finances to feeling focused and empowered. We specialize in retirement, investment, and financial planning especially for professionals in corporate, education, and public service careers. We are unique in offering a subscription-based model where clients can pay monthly for financial planning. We serve clients locally in the San Antonio area and virtually nationwide.


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How to Retire at 55 from your corporate career

by Chris Reddick on

The FIRE movement, or Financial Independence, Retire Early, is popular among millennials, especially in corporate careers who want to gain financial independence before the traditional retirement age of 65. Millennials have lived through the 2008 Financial Crisis and have vivid memories of its...

TRS, Young Teachers, and Saving for Retirement

by Chris Reddick on

A recent 2020 survey of members of TRS showed that younger active TRS members are less confident that they will have enough money saved for their retirement.1 There is an even split of members that are not confident they will have enough saved for retirement. In addition, the survey showed that all...

Financial planners often talk about the importance of having a plan when you invest your money. However, research also shows that simple methods of investing tend to outperform more complicated investing techniques. Most of this is explained by the inability of us "humans" to take the emotions out...

At Chris Reddick Financial Planning, we Educate you about your personal finances, Inspire you to make meaningful change, and help you Achieve your short and long-term financial goals. Learn more about the movement at

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